Pentax K-50

Pentax K-50

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The PENTAX K-50 is the perfect partner for all types of active shooting, and a talented guide to a brand-new photographic experience

A camera that is amazingly mobile and sporty, one that can preserve all your memories in beautiful images. An elegantly contoured body that fits per fectly in the hand, and is comfor table to carry. With a weather-resistant construction that withstands the rain, exceptional imaging power even in the dark, high-speed continuous shooting to capture a once- in-a- lifetime moment, and a large viewfinder image, the PENTAX K-50 takes you everywhere — even beyond the conventional boundaries of photography!

The K-50 offers super-high-sensitivity shooting with a top sensitivity of ISO 51200 (when expanded) to record well-defined images with minimal noise. You can handhold the K-50 to capture nightscapes without the help of a flash or tripod. With active subjects such as athletes, pets and stage performers, you can raise the shutter speed to prevent subject shake.


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